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The Beat

Hey gang, I hope all the peeps are still checking this space. I have an offer you likely won't refuse!

If you would like the full set of the 13-episodes of "The Beat," please comment here, and I'll donate the services of maverick4oz to dupe the DVD-Rs I made. (Ain't she great!)

Info, sneak peeks and spoilers on "The Beat" can be found at the Annotated Lee site. On that page for "The Beat," there's a link to a really great review from the San Fran Examiner (as in, I totally agree with it) that will give you a pretty accurate idea of what the show was like.

I think the coolest thing about the show is that it plays out almost like an Oz A/U. You know, the ones where we put Oz characters into different types of roles? Morales is a cop. Dr. Prestopnik is Uncle Connie, owner of Dorigan's Pub. Cyril is a semi-shady friend of one of the main characters. Katherine is a flirty IAB detective. Kenny Wangler shows up as a nice guy in a crowd of protesters.

And, of course, Toby is a (totally adorable and charming) fireman. If you like your Lee Tergesen wholesome and cleancut, here's your chance.

How did we come upon these treasures? tobyfan had gotten the first three episodes, and I rounded up a couple more. But half the series was never shown in the U.S., so it was going to be hard to get much further than that. But thanks to the enlightenment of Brazilian TV, which recently aired the series, and our friend debaser28, who taped the "lost episodes," a full set is now available.

The only minor hangup is that I have to coax callmeri to lend out the first episode again so I can transfer it to DVD. (Nudge nudge, hint hint). I foolishly didn't do so originally because that episode has, gasp! no Lee Tergesen appearance in it.

One other minor detail... the picture quality of these episodes is mixed. But it's better than no picture at all! And some have Portuguese subtitles, which is not only educational but is a good reminder to thank Ana Paula for taping the eps!
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